Kent Moore Tools

About Kent Moore Tools

Kent Moore Tools is one of the industries top automotive tool manufacturers. They are not known very well outside the automotive industry but for those that do know them you will know that they have top quality tools whether you are a hobby automotive enthusiast or do automotive work for a job.

What They Offer

They are owned by SPX Corporation and manufactures OTC Tools Which like Kent Moore Tools are high quality tools always perfect for the job at hand. The uses for Kent Moore Tools are endless they make tools for automotive engineering, mechanics, manufacturing and much, much more. Kent Moore Tools can widely be purchased from many places like over the internet you can buy them strait from their official internet store and from official distributors. Official distributors will often stock SPX Tool and OTC Tools so you get a wide selection of quality tools all from one store.


In conclusion I recommend Kent Moore Tools to anyone in the automotive industry looking to invest in some new quality tools that are well worth there price and they could quite possibly last a life time.