Cummins Tools

Who Started Cummins Tools

Cummins Industrial Tools is a company that manufactures hand tools, power tools, air tools and many different kinds of tools. It was started by Bob Cummins way back in 1977 in Nebraska. Later in 1995, he moved to Kansas City, where he built his huge 160,000 square feet warehouse. Cummins Industrial Tools is officially named as Tap Enterprises Inc.

Customer Support

Cummins Tools have always been providing excellent service to its customers and has many big companies as their satisfied clients. Cummins have 13 retails facilities in United States alone. 6 of them are in Kansas, 6 in St. Louis metropolitan area and one in Omaha, Nebraska. They campaign using their ‘Mobile Tools Store’ which actually a truck displaying their tools and products and are travelling all around the country. They claim to maximize sales come from this type of advertising. Recently, they have also started shipping to Canada in association with UPS.

Let’s take a look at the features of one of Cummins Air Tools or Drills:

  1. Professional series for a wide variety of applications
  2. 1/2″ square drive
  3. Average air consumption: 3-1/2 CFM @ 90 PSI
  4. Standard 1/4″ NPT air inlet
  5. Max. torque: 400 ft/lbs
  6. Free speed: 7000 RPM
  7. Net weight: 5 lbs
  8. Uses SAE # 30 oil

The above are the features of 1/2″ Air drive compact wrench. I think overall they are a great tool manufacturer If you use Cummins Tools once, I am sure you would like to stick on them due to their quality and also for their customer service!