Kent Moore Tools

About Kent Moore Tools

Kent Moore Tools is one of the industries top automotive tool manufacturers. They are not known very well outside the automotive industry but for those that do know them you will know that they have top quality tools whether you are a hobby automotive enthusiast or do automotive work for a job.

What They Offer

They are owned by SPX Corporation and manufactures OTC Tools Which like Kent Moore Tools are high quality tools always perfect for the job at hand. The uses for Kent Moore Tools are endless they make tools for automotive engineering, mechanics, manufacturing and much, much more. Kent Moore Tools can widely be purchased from many places like over the internet you can buy them strait from their official internet store and from official distributors. Official distributors will often stock SPX Tool and OTC Tools so you get a wide selection of quality tools all from one store.


In conclusion I recommend Kent Moore Tools to anyone in the automotive industry looking to invest in some new quality tools that are well worth there price and they could quite possibly last a life time.

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Grizzly Tools

Grizzly Tools is a semi well known Tool Company that specializes in woodworking tools mostly. So if you are a good woodworker chances are you would have heard of Grizzly Tools. If you have not heard of Grizzly Tools that is ok because they are not a huge company but they do have highly quality tools.

About Grizzly Tools

Ever since they started production in 1983 they have been market leaders in today’s wood working tools market because they offer high quality tools at a very affordable price. One of the reasons why they are so cheap is there is no middle man. Grizzly Tools owns it three show rooms which have almost all of the tolls they sell there. You can also buy Grizzly Tools strait from there website and since almost everything is packed and shipped on the same day you will get it in no time. They also have a free mail catalog that lists a lot of there products as long as you sign up to get it they will send you a free catalog every couple of months usually.

What They Offer

Grizzly Tools offer many tools such as Band Saws, Milling Machines, Drill Presses as well as many other tools. They also specialize in there sanding and grinding equipment such as belt sanders, Planers and Bench Top Grinders. So if you are thinking about investing in some new tools go for Grizzly Tools you will not regret it.

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Cummins Tools

Who Started Cummins Tools

Cummins Industrial Tools is a company that manufactures hand tools, power tools, air tools and many different kinds of tools. It was started by Bob Cummins way back in 1977 in Nebraska. Later in 1995, he moved to Kansas City, where he built his huge 160,000 square feet warehouse. Cummins Industrial Tools is officially named as Tap Enterprises Inc.

Customer Support

Cummins Tools have always been providing excellent service to its customers and has many big companies as their satisfied clients. Cummins have 13 retails facilities in United States alone. 6 of them are in Kansas, 6 in St. Louis metropolitan area and one in Omaha, Nebraska. They campaign using their ‘Mobile Tools Store’ which actually a truck displaying their tools and products and are travelling all around the country. They claim to maximize sales come from this type of advertising. Recently, they have also started shipping to Canada in association with UPS.

Let’s take a look at the features of one of Cummins Air Tools or Drills:

  1. Professional series for a wide variety of applications
  2. 1/2″ square drive
  3. Average air consumption: 3-1/2 CFM @ 90 PSI
  4. Standard 1/4″ NPT air inlet
  5. Max. torque: 400 ft/lbs
  6. Free speed: 7000 RPM
  7. Net weight: 5 lbs
  8. Uses SAE # 30 oil

The above are the features of 1/2″ Air drive compact wrench. I think overall they are a great tool manufacturer If you use Cummins Tools once, I am sure you would like to stick on them due to their quality and also for their customer service!

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Chicago Electric Power Tools

Heard of Chicago Electric Power tools? Well if not, then you sure might want to check them out. They might not be among the top notch manufacturers or the biggest companies out there but they sure are great if you are looking for affordable prices along with good quality. If you want value for your money, Chicago Electrical Tools is your answer. They are best suited for the home requirements of a person with average experience with tools.

What They Offer

They offer a wide range of tools for you to choose. From drills to floor tools you get everything. They mainly advertise through retail chains and Harbor Freight Tools being one of them. The only thing that they might lack is the automotive tools as they are not in the automotive line of tools. You might need to spend some extra dollars in this area and some people might not prefer this and hence go with some other company altogether!

However, they offer tools for almost all other household work and can surely beat other big companies in terms of quality and pricing. They would provide you basement prices with top quality! Some of the tools include but not limited to drills, saws, grinders and sanders. They manufacture indoor as well outdoor tools. They are also into electric winches and electric hoists.

Band Saw

One such tool from Chicago tools is a Band Saw. It is mainly used for cutting thinner material into desired shapes. The blade makes sure the minimum wastage of the material thereby giving you maximum output. Just assume it to be like a sewing machine where you turn the cloth as per your requirements to stitch it whereas here you would turn the metal to cut it.


So whenever you are on a budget or are looking for some cheap solutions for your home tools replacement, do remember Chicago Tools while making a final decision. I am sure you will find some good deals from them.

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